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Ward 3 Neighbors Support Sue!

Rhoda Perry.png

Sue is an accomplished leader with creative ideas who collaborates and champions progressive causes. She will be an outstanding council member. 

-Rhoda Perry, Former State Senator

Ward 3 Resident

Erika Rusley.png
Karina Wood.png

I'm supporting Sue AnderBois because she's the real deal - a true change agent who will do what it takes to keep our environment livable for future generations. As a mom of two young children who will live in that future world, I'm grateful for Sue's hard work at every level, from grassroots organizing to creating policy that will benefit all Providence residents. She's an extraordinary listener who also cares deeply about education, racial justice, and so many other progressive values that align with what my family holds dear.

-Erika Blauch Rusley

Ward 3 Resident, Mom, Teacher 

"Sue and I worked together to offer resources to Rhode Island's farmers and small food businesses when Governor Raimondo appointed her as our state's first "Food Czar" in 2017. As the first state director of food strategy, Sue was the embodiment of responsive government: she listened, she met people where they were, she built relationships and she brought smarts, passion and follow-through to everything she did. Sue is actively committed to building community wealth through supporting community investments, including more support for our local small businesses. She understands how government works, and I have seen first-hand her ability to work well with others to get things done. I'm delighted that someone of Sue's caliber and commitment is running to represent Ward 3 on the Providence City Council, and I'm proud to endorse her candidacy."

-Karina Holyoak Wood, Ward 3 Resident

Judy Plotz.png

"I’m voting for Sue because of her strong commitment to save the climate of Planet Earth.  I believe she will be effective because she knows we have to work at every government level — local, state, federal, international — to protect the environment at the same time as insuring a healthy life for all in our community."

-Judy Plotz, Ward 3 Resident

Sam Howard.png

"I've gotten to know Sue as both a policymaker and as a neighbor, and she approaches both those roles with the competence, openness and thoughtful care I want from a leader. I'm proud to support her as Ward 3's next city councilor."

- Sam Howard, Ward 3 Resident

I am so impressed with Sue's dedication and experience - especially when it comes to improving equity and opportunity across the city and state. She has my enthusiastic support!

-Nanako Tamaru, Ward 3 Resident

I am thrilled to support Sue AnderBois. Sue is warm and friendly, but she is tenacious when it comes to policy. She has gotten real results for Rhode Island on the environment, and we need her collaborative spirit on the city council. 

-Kath Connolly, Ward 3 Resident 

Omar Galarraga.png

I support Sue AnderBois for City Council because she is knowledgeable about and has experience with issues that are important to me - like renewable energy, affordable housing, education, and supporting small businesses. She has the experience and track record in Providence and Rhode Island so that I know she will get things done for Ward 3.

-Omar Galarraga,

Ward 3 Resident & Health Economist

Fred Unger .png

"I’ve worked with Sue on energy and environmental policy issues. She is serious. Sue dives
deeply into understanding the details of difficult issues in order to come up with solutions that
can actually work. I’m looking forward to Sue being my city councilor."

-Fred Unger, Ward 3 Resident

Energy Project Development Consultant

Updated Marty Mann.png

I’m supporting Sue AnderBois for City Council because I like her energy and intelligence. She is well informed and experienced in climate, housing, food insecurity and other pressing issues in our city. She is willing to do the work needed to stand up to opponents of Ward 3’s progressive values. Sue has the interpersonal skills needed to bring together diverse groups to get things done.

-Marty Mann, Ward 3 Resident

Local Leaders Support Sue!

Helen Anthony.png

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sue for many years beginning when she was the Policy Analyst for the New England Clean Energy Council and most recently as Chair of Providence's Sustainability Commission. Together we succeeded in making the Office of Sustainability a permanent department with its own budget. Sue is smart, organized and serious about follow through. She brings experience from a number of environmental organizations and as the first state-level food policy lead in the nation, a position that former Governor Gina Raimondo tapped Sue for during her administration. I know I will have a trusted and energetic colleague in Sue."

-Councilwoman Helen Anthony

Ward 2, Providence City Council

Bret Jacob.png

"I trust Sue’s ability to dig into the details of challenges that are holding Providence back. Her deep experience in climate justice makes me confident that she will build smart coalitions to advance meaningful reform as a Councilor."

-Bret Jacob

Progressive Providence leader & 

Former State Senate Candidate, District 3

Raul Figueroa.png

"Sue's commitment to a better RI is palpable, from community organizing to policy work; She understands that the result comes from relationship building, and we are the best source of cooperation. She is creating an inventory of people, skills, ideas, and grassroots movements that grow organically in the community, and I can't wait to see her put them to work."

-Raul Figueroa

Workers' Cooperative and locally-owned business advocate

Priscilla De La Cruz.png

"Sue is one of the most amazing women I’m fortunate to know as a friend and colleague. She goes above and beyond to support the community and advocate for issues that improve our daily lives. Providence would be lucky to have someone who’s as dedicated, thoughtful, and collaborative as Sue!"

-Priscilla De La Cruz, Climate & Environmental Justice Advocate

Jessica David.png
Lisa Raiola.png

"Rhode Island was fortunate the day Sue AnderBois stepped into the role of our State's first Director of Food Strategy. She defined this new and complex job. She rose to the challenge of bringing together the somewhat calcified agendas of multiple agencies that deal with food on behalf including DEM, Commerce, and Health. Sue set the tone as the Great Facilitator helping us to see we can do more than one thing at once. We can increase food security, build food businesses, and reduce food waste in innovative and sustainable ways.  Sue cuts through  politics to lead practical solutions that work for the public. She is a servant leader for the people and elevates and empowers our community.”

-Lisa Raiola, Founder and President, Hope & Main

Leah Bamberger.png

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Sue while I was the Director of Sustainability for the City of Providence and Sue was Chair of the City’s Sustainability Commission. Sue worked hard to recruit new members from Providence’s diverse neighborhoods and made sure that all commission members, and the public, could fully engage and participate. Her values of inclusiveness, collaboration, accountability, and justice show up in everything that she does and that is why I’d be thrilled to see her represent Ward 3 on the Providence City Council.”

-Leah Bamberger

Providence Director of Sustainability (2015- 2022)

"I’d be excited to see Sue AnderBois on the Providence City Council because of her commitment to community resilience. She understands that policy decisions around climate, wealth, taxes, and land use intersect with one another in people’s lives and in our neighborhoods. She’s always eager to listen and learn, and she makes hard decisions when she needs to. I’m proud to call Sue AnderBois a friend and colleague."

-Jessica David, Founder & Principal, Good Worth Working For LLC

*Endorsed by Ward 3 Democratic Committee*

"We interviewed all three of the declared Democratic candidates for the position. While each one brings strengths to the position, we were impressed with Sue's work on both the city and state level." - Ward 3 Democratic Committee

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You Support Sue!

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