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On to the General Election!

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I am so honored to share that I have officially been certified as the Democratic nominee for Providence Ward 3 City Council.

This campaign has been an amazing experience. I have knocked on thousands of doors, talked with countless neighbors. I spent every night and weekend for months out on the campaign trail. I sent hundreds of personal letters to voters after hearing their interests and concerns at the doors.

And I heard every day that people want a government that works for them – that provides stability and direction in our schools, that helps stem our affordable housing crisis, that seriously addresses climate change, and most of all, that works hard and moves us past the transactional politics of our past.

As your City Councilwoman, I am committed to fight for effective government that gets things done.

I want to thank Corey and Bradly for their hard work and passion throughout this campaign – I look forward to working more with them in the future and continuing to learn from them. We have already set up times to talk over coffee in the Ward so I can hear from them what they were hearing from our neighbors throughout their campaigns. This work is about Providence - not politics.

A big thank you to the many volunteers and organizations who made this people-powered campaign succeed.

And most of all, thank you, Providence Ward 3. You are inspiring! I am eager to get to work for you – and look forward to the General Election in November. We will be on the ballot against Independent Michael Fink.

As we prepare for the General Election – please do keep your yard signs up to showed continued support for the campaign. If you would like to sign up for a yard sign – you can do so here! If you would like to return your yard sign, just reply back to this email and we’ll let you know where you can drop it off or request a pick up!

You can also keep up with regular campaign updates on our social media and our website. If you have a friend interested in signing up for this newsletter, please encourage them to do so here.

Thank you again so much for your support! Now let’s get to work!

With Deep Gratitude,

Sue AnderBois

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