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Ward 3 Updates - October 3, 2022

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Hello Neighbors & Friends of Ward 3,

Happy Autumn! Sue continues to be out and about meeting with neighbors across Ward 3 as we approach the General Election in November. She regularly hears from residents how important regular communication is and wanted to share some updates on things happening across the Ward and the City.

The Hope Street Temporary Trail is Live

The Temporary Trail was installed on Hope Street on October 1. The pilot project will run for exactly one week until October 8th. Councilwoman LaFortune held a community meeting on September 22, and residents heard details about the temporary trail and the City heard and responded to feedback from residents.

Sue has been consistent in her support for additional opportunities for active mobility, including protected bike lanes. And she has also heard concerns from our local merchants and abutting residents. This is why she is so pleased that this is a trial - so that we can experience it, receive feedback from residents and businesses, and make informed decisions about any next steps.

We encourage everyone to check out the pilot this week and log your feedback here. If you travel to Hope Street multiple times, share your feedback as many times as you travel there. The City Planning Department will be tracking metrics and helping analyze data collected during this pilot program.

Comprehensive Plan Update

When we talk with residents across Ward 3, we hear concerns about issues that are impacted by zoning and development. The City Planning Department is undertaking a once-per-decade update to the city's Comprehensive Plan, which guides decisions about the growth and development of the City for the next decade.

You can be involved in this planning effort! Please take a few minutes to fill out the initial survey and learn more about the process at this website. We will be sharing updates as we have them for future engagement.

Reparations Funding Update

Earlier this year, the City published the Matter of Truth report, digging in on the history of African Heritage and Indigenous peoples in Providence. The City Council recommended that $10 million of the City's ARPA funds be directed toward municipal reparations, and Mayor Elorza appointed a Reparations Committee to gather information from the community and make recommendations for how to spend the funding.

Sue has been vocal in her support for reparations and submitted a letter in support of the ordinance in the Finance Committee. You can read her letter of support here.

Events at North Burial Ground

Did you know that the North Burial Ground is entirely within Ward 3? It is maintained by the Providence Parks Department and is the largest municipal cemetary in region. While it is an active cemetary, it is also regularly used by joggers and walkers or nature lovers looking to spot urban wildlife. They are hosting a series of events this fall - including learning about cemetary archeology and a Halloween ghost tour. Learn more here!

November General Election

Sue is so honored to have been elected as the Democratic candidate for City Council. The General Election is on November 8th. See below for information about early voting and vote by mail. We humbly ask you for your vote on or before November 8th.

If you have any questions about how to vote, please reach out anytime.

  • October 18th: Deadline to apply for a mail ballot.

  • October 19 - November 7: Early Voting is open

  • November 8: Election Day! Find your polling location here!

Support #TeamSue Before the Election

Have you seen Sue's snazzy yard signs around the Ward? Would you like one yourself? Just fill out this form, and we will drop one off!

Did you know that Sue partnered with local small business Frog & Toad to create campaign t-shirts? They were so popular, we are ordering a few more: you can order yours here!

You can also follow Sue on Facebook and Instagram! Check out more information about Sue on our website at

Thank you so much! Please reach out anytime with questions or concerns.

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