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Thank You - September 6th Newsletter

Dear Neighbors, Friends & Supporters:

Thank you. The election is in exactly one week from today, and I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude.

A big thank you to all of the neighbors who have welcomed me onto your porches and doorsteps. Who have shared your stories, your passions, your concerns, and your love of our City.

To the retired firefighter who grew up on Lippitt Hill, to the former educator advocating for our students, to the researcher tracking air quality across the City, the retired librarian, the single mom whose son just graduated from PPSD, the parents and those without kids concerned about our schools, the podcaster, the couple who sheltered me on their porch when a sudden thunderstorm hit. The people who sent me reports to read, the ones who asked hard questions about the pension system, the ones who shared articles about housing solutions, and the neighbor who gave me some of his homemade coffee syrup to try and coffee beans for my morning pot.

You. Are. Amazing. And you are who I will be so proud to represent on Council.

So many high fives to everyone who has volunteered with our campaign. The folks who helped me reach out to neighbors, walked with me, dropped off fliers, hosted gatherings, emailed their friends, spent their weekend mornings strategizing, endorsed me, designed my materials, and donated to help me reach others. You’ve sent me texts of encouragement, reminded me to sleep and eat snacks, gifted me homemade teas, and made sure I had bug spray for the mosquito-y nights.

And an especially big thank you to my husband of 15 years Scott. I’ve been out knocking doors every day and night for months. Every spare moment I have when I’m not at work has been talking with neighbors, writing letters, and making calls. And every night I come home to a delicious meal, a tired-out dog, and a big hug.

We don’t accomplish anything big alone. When I am on Council, every single one of you will be there with me. I will continue to listen, to learn from you, and to advocate for our shared priorities. We will be part of building a Providence that celebrates the amazing people and things in our community and moves away from the transactional politics of our past and gets things done for each other.

Thank you for your vote on September 13th.

With Deep Gratitude,

Sue AnderBois

P.S. If you’re interested in any last-week volunteering, just reply to this email, and we’ll slot you in for a literature drops or canvassing!

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